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DEAR SOCIETY, You slut shamed me the day I wore a backless dress and walked across the street. You looked at my tattoo in a very obnoxious way. You accused me of flaunting it. Well guess what, I was just being independent of wearing the kind of clothes i want. You peeping through my hair,Continue reading “DEAR SOCIETY, WE DIFFER:)”


“Shhhh!”, they said. “You are a woman. If your husband is angry with you, he has the right to scold you, abuse you, force you to be intimate and throw you out of the house. You as a woman should bear with it. Your husband works, he comes home tired, on top of that ifContinue reading “STOP THERE!”

No Constants!

A four year old child recently asked me the meaning of faith. And like an idiot I replied that it means trust and is synonymous. Cluelessly she looked at me and wondered which language I spoke because she was totally unfamiliar with the word trust or faith, both of them actually. I sat down besideContinue reading “No Constants!”

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