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DEAR SOCIETY, You slut shamed me the day I wore a backless dress and walked across the street. You looked at my tattoo in a very obnoxious way. You accused me of flaunting it. Well guess what, I was just being independent of wearing the kind of clothes i want. You peeping through my hair,Continue reading “DEAR SOCIETY, WE DIFFER:)”


Does everyone remember the rules and regulations to be maintained in the school? Oh you obviously do, apparently then I’m sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations of the society. The humans apparently created some rules and regulations for humans to be humanly humane. Refer to my previous blog “HOW BODIES MATTER”Continue reading “WHAT SOCIETY TELLS,.,.”


Remember when we all were babies and young boys and girls and we were told to identify our ears, tongue, nails and so on. We used to love pointing out our ears and eyes then happily, we used to love our body then….But as we grew up, the world pointed out to us that howContinue reading “HOW BODIES MATTER?!”

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